Vertical Conversations Reading List

The reading list below broadly covers the emerging CCL point of view on vertical development. Most of it is necessary background for CCL faculty who wish a comprehensive view on vertical development. We do not necessarily “teach” all of this — and, it is what we need to know as advanced practitioners. First-time readers are invited to skim to topics of greatest interest. The articles are arranged from most basic to more advanced. Start here at the top and work down the list per your needs and interests …

Rooke, D., & Torbert, W. R. (2005, April). Seven transformations of leadership. Harvard Business Review, 66–77.

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McGuire, J.B. & Palus, C.J. (2019). Vertical Leadership for Executive Teams: Culture Still Wins Over Strategy. CCL White Paper, Greensboro, NC: Center for Creative Leadership.

The Structure of Leadership

The Vertical Self-Estimate™ (VSE) User’s Guide (draft). Global Leadership Associates in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership.

The Leadership Culture Map

Herdman-Barker, E., & Torbert, W.R. (2019). The Practice of Action Inquiry. Leadership Explorer blog.

Herdman-Barker, E., & Wallis, N.C. (2016). Imperfect beauty: Hierarchy and fluidity in leadership development. Challenging Organisations and Society: Reflective Hybrids, 5(1). 1-17.

Three short, client friendly videos on action logics and action inquiry

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