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The CONNECTED Webinar Series

Cultural Brilliance: The DNA of Organizational Excellence by our special guest Claudette Rowley. Claudette offers organizations a detailed, step-by-step guide to intentionally assessing, designing, and integrating a brilliant culture that’s iterative, with each success building upon previous successes. The result is an organization that continues to evolve—and one that quickly gains a competitive advantage. To help build compounding success upon success Claudette created Culture Brilliance™, a 3-Phase System to re-establish an organization’s culture using:
– Authenticity
– Design
– Integration

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Examining a global NGO’s collective capacity to lead, featuring Patrick Sweet, Cindy McCauley, & Robert Burnside. 1) Identify groups whose shared work is central to the organization’s success. 2) Invite group members to complete the DAC survey about leadership outcomes in their group. 3) Compile and analyze responses from 920 individuals, and create focus groups for DAC best practices.

Streaming recording link: https://ccl.webex.com/ccl/ldr.php?RCID=b77020629c47644c62e3e3dcc272dc05 

Vertical Development Ideas into Action: The RISE Approach to Leadership Development at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Kara Laverde (Deputy Director, People & Organization Potential, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) talks about how they use the framework of vertical leadership development as both “spotlight” and “scaffold” in developing their people and promoting positive culture change. View the Gates Foundation white paper, Lead Your Culture or Your Culture Will Lead You.

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Change Leadership: Leveraging the Power of Leadership Culture. This session features the CCL global capability in Change Leadership with CCL Senior Faculty Paige Graham and John McGuire. See and understand how CCL’s core Direction, Alignment, & Commitment (DAC) Framework guides the work of Change Leadership. We explore the relevance of relational leadership and the importance of transforming leadership cultures. Some of this webinar repeats material offered on the October 3rd  webinar, exploring it this time in terms of relational leadership.

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Seeing and Assessing Leadership Culture. Join us for a conversation about seeing and assessing leadership culture. In the previous webinar we explored how leadership culture is key to change leadership. This week we take a closer look at leadership culture: What it is, how to see it, and how to engage and begin to transform it.

  • We define the basic terms, and share the background of theory and practice
  • We review and experience several practical tools for seeing, assessing, and transforming leadership culture
  • We look at case studies, with implications for your own context

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The CONNECTED Webinar Series 2016-2017

1. DriveTime EVP Jon Ehlinger on Transforming Your Leadership CultureThe Organizational Leadership Practice at CCL has been working with DriveTime for a decade on developing leaders and transforming their leadership culture. DT is one of our case studies on interdependent leadership cultures (full report here, with a blog post summary and update here.) Jon is the EVP and General Counsel at DriveTime and has been there from the beginning. Jon will share their latest insights on becoming more interdependent in their culture: What works?

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Jon Ehlinger’s slides

2. The DAC Framework and Relational Leadership. Our special guests are Robert Burnside and Cindy McCauley. We will discuss “best practices” and “best beliefs” for making DAC sing in a relational way. We will get an update about the Nomadic Learning edition of DAC featured on its online learning platform.

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Robert Burnside’s slides

Cindy McCauley’s slides

3. Barry Oshry (creator of the Organization Workshop). The theme: The structures we fall into shape our consciousness; we don’t know that, and that’s when the trouble begins. In this session I’ll be working with a wild and readily contestable assumption: that all the people I’ll be describing are intelligent, generous, well-intentioned, and emotionally stable. So what we’ll be exploring is what happens when this healthy cast of characters falls blindly into structures that shape their consciousness resulting in behaviors that are considerably less intelligent, generous, well-intentioned, or emotionally stable.

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4. Leadership Beyond Boundaries and SOGI. Our special guest is Steadman Harrison III.. Steadman shares stories about how the big idea of relational leadership helps people develop leadership by freeing them from the demands of heroic leadership. How does SOGI play a role in the democratization of leadership? What do we mean by societal-level leadership? Steadman Harrison is CEO of GO Innovation. Steadman is the founder of our CCL office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is a pioneer of Leadership Essentials.

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Steadman Harrison slides

5. Boundary Spanning Leadership: Top Ten Lessons of Experience..Our special guest is Chris ErnstChris Ernst PhD is a Change Maker (aka Director, Learning, Leadership & Organization Development), at the Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationAs a former senior faculty member and researcher at CCL, Chris and his colleagues literally wrote the book on boundary spanning leadership (summary here).

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Chris Ernst slides

6. CCL Points of View on Leadership Development Through the Lens of Relational Leadership featuring Chuck Palus, CCL Senior Fellow. This is a special session for new CCL coaches and associates in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The topics include Dialogue, DAC Model, Relational Leadership, Lessons of Experience, ACS Model, Leadership Culture and Vertical Development.

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Chuck Palus slides

7. Vertical Leadership Development in a Complex World featuring Charles J. Palus PhD, CCL Senior Fellow, at the CCL Anniversary Day in Shanghai China.

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Chuck Palus slides

8. Relational practices for DAC: Project review and input featuring Cindy McCauley, CCL Senior Fellow.

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Cindy McCauley slides

9. Life Journey Learning through a Vertical Development Lens featuring Marie Legault, CCL Senior Faculty. Life is filled with challenges and happy moments. It also offers us experiences that can help us grow and develop. During this Webinar, Marie Legault, will share insights about her learning through an exploration of her life’s journey by using the lens of Vertical Development. She will provide a brief description of Vertical Development and discuss how this lens was instrumental in helping her make sense of the challenges she faced.

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Marie’s slides