Resources at NYU Wagner School: Collective Leadership

Collective Leadership Theory and Practice at NYU Wagner School.”While “leadership” often connotes an image of a single heroic leader, many interesting developments in the field treat the concept as a dynamic process of exchange between several actors embedded in networks of relationships going beyond leader and follower. This perspective embraces the idea that many individuals within a system may lead, or that groups, structures, and processes may exercise leadership to help networks advance toward a shared goal.”

Collective Leadership Network (Co-Lead Net). NYU Wagner’s Collective Leadership Network (Co-Lead Net) is an international network of academics, practitioners and graduate students interested in better understanding collective leadership and to help it gain traction as a force for positive change.


  • It requires connecting people within diversity
  • It shapes the way audiences view their work and how they perceive themselves and others, and how they understand leadership itself
  • It commits to taking up leadership at all levels by people from all backgrounds, with varying perspectives and expertise
  • It can combine directive behaviors and collaborative approaches
  • It aims to transgress boundaries that are often taken for granted

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