Vertical news at CCL, August 2019

Hello CCL colleagues!

It has been awhile since my last vertical news. I miss you. Here is some good stuff to help make up for that.

This is primarily for CCL Faculty and Associates, and our vertical friends, and, others may enjoy it.

Not all is client ready—but the webinar is, on September 10. Please invite your best clients!

Share this email and let me know if you want to be added or subtracted from the list.

Our archive is here. Lots of cool webinars, and our point of view on Relational Leadership, with an annotated reading list.

Here is a summary, scroll down for details.

  • GLP Workshop in Seattle in October.
  • GLP Advanced Practitioner Workshop in London in September
  • New edition of Transformations™ cards
  • New Life Logic Self-Estimate™ tool from GLA
  • Special deal on the current edition of Transformations™
  • Slides and Pre-Reads from the Vertical Summit in Brussels, June 2019
  • New Vertical whitepaper
  • New Vertical webinar September 10 (please invite your clients)
  • New Vertical chapter (draft)

GLP Workshop in Seattle, Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th October 2019

  • Flyer here. Please join us in learning about how to coach to the Global Leadership Profile™
  • More about our partner Global Leadership Associates and their workshops and tools at
    • With Elaine Herdman-Barker & Richard Izard
  • Alas, CCL cannot pay your fees at this point.
  • The good news is that CCL is being offered a limited number of discounted slots. Contact me if you are interested.

GLP Advanced Practitioner Workshop in London in September, Tuesday 24th – Thursday 26th

  • Flyer here.
  • Advanced; only for experienced practitioners of Vertical Development
  • Still spots open for CCL.
  • Alas, CCL cannot pay your fees at this point.
  • The good news is that CCL is being offered a limited number of discounted slots. Contact me if you are interested.

New edition of the Transformation™ cards is coming!

  • Tarot sized for ease of handling
  • Improvements on many cards.
  • In collaboration with Bill Torbert and GLA
  • Essentials cards on the Big 5 Architecture:
    • Vertical Development
    • DAC Framework
    • Leadership Culture
    • Leadership Strategy
    • Action Inquiry
  • Will be available from CCL Distribution this fall.
  • Incorporates the new Life Logic Self-Estimate™ tool

New Life Logic Self-Estimate™ tool from GLA

  • This tool will allow people to estimate their own stage of development, and that of others.
  • Made of seven cards, one for each of the Life Logics. Each card contains descriptive text. Guided card sorts comprise the process.
  • Property of Global Leadership Associates, who assure the validity of the tool, and who will train us in how to use it.
  • We are developing classroom exercises that incorporate the Self Estimate.
  • These will also be available in the fall, as part of the Transformations deck, and separately for each person in a classroom.
  • Contact me if you have a compelling application now.

Special deal on the current edition of Transformations™

  • We have the current version of Transformations™ in stock in CCL Distribution for a limited time.
  • Please order NOW if you need them for a program or other design.
  • As always, you can order either the Coaching Package (one full set) or the Facilitators Package (six sets, good for up to about 50 people).
  • If you would like to order the current version of Transformations for personal use outside of CCL,
    • Contact me for a VERY SPECIAL PRICE.
    • While supplies last!

Slides from the Vertical Summit in Brussels, June 2019

  • Richard Izard from our partner Global Leadership Associates and I presented 2 days of introduction and diving into vertical development with
  • About 25 faculty and associates including John Ryan. Thanks Jeneva Patterson!
  • The slides and prereads below are a pretty good introduction to the field of vertical development. Plus the material following below.
  • Slides are here.
  • Pre-reads are here.

New Vertical whitepaper

  • Vertical Leadership for Executive Teams: Culture Still Wins Over Strategy
  • Will post to in early September.
    • An original German version covering the same topic is also almost ready. Contact Annie Faulkner.
  • “This vertical development framework acknowledges that in order to create and implement a transformational strategy, culture must transform – if not first, then at least in parallel. Strategy is the what — what do we want our organization to achieve? – and culture is the how. It includes the beliefs and practices of leadership that must shift in order to implement the desired transformation.”

New Vertical webinar September 10 (please invite your clients)

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. EDT

Watch this webinar to learn how organizations use vertical development to align leadership culture to strategy, drive innovation, and improve performance.

New Vertical chapter (draft)

  • The Art and Science of Vertical Development
    • Charles J. Palus, John B. McGuire, Sarah Stawiski, William R. Torbert
  • Download here. DRAFT. Do not share without permission
  • To appear in the edited volume: Maturing Leadership: How Adult Development Impacts Leadership. Jonathan Reams, Editor.
    • “We have been creating and applying vertical theory for leadership development with a diverse variety of global audiences since the early 1990’s (Drath & Palus, 1994). Our work takes a constructive-developmental perspective (McCauley et al., 2006) enacted within the methodology of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry (Torbert, 2004; McGuire, Palus & Torbert, 2007). We apply a relational ontology using the Direction, Alignment, and Commitment (DAC) Framework (McCauley et al., 2008) to guide and develop change leadership within a vertical model of leadership culture (McGuire & Rhodes 2009, McGuire & Palus 2018). We share a vision of democratizing vertical leadership development, making it more accessible, affordable, practical, and scalable in all kinds of contexts (Altman, Rego & Harrison, 2010).”
    Charles J. (Chuck) Palus, PhD Senior Fellow Center for Creative Leadership +1 267 693 8070        

Vertical Development Summit 12-13 June Brussels: pre-read

From: Tornau, Ugne <>
Sent: Monday, June 3, 2019 4:02 AM
Cc: Faulkner, Annie <>; Wintrich, Nicola <>; Breher, Sabrina <>; Muller, Anja <>; Gross, Liora <>; Arokiam, Diana <>; De Clerck, Jasmine <>; Packness Carla <>; Galema, Nelke <>; Smudde Susan <>; Relly, Jerome <>; Santos, Filipa <>; Van Stichel, Hughes <>; Kernick, Kathryn <>; September, Renita <>; Hunter Matthew <>; Bahra Gurbinder <>; Benozzi, Vanessa <>; Rodriguez Martinez, Elisabeth <>; Grobler, Vicky <>; Van Craen, Sabine <>; Vaughan Kathleen <>; Funck, Frederic <>; Fitzpatrick, Luke <>; Walker, Mark <>; Plessier, Florence <>; De Coutere, Bert <>; Patterson, Jeneva <>; Griffith, Caroline <>; Galante, Paul <>; Madan, Hamish <>; Ryan, John <>; Patterson, Jeneva <>; Palus, Chuck <>;
Subject: Vertical Development summit 12-13 June Brussels: pre-read

Dear participants,

We are so looking forward to getting all of us together for a thought-provoking, learning-full session!  We have an exciting agenda and some special guests… J 

Please find important details for the Vertical Development Summit next week (12-13 June). 


In preparation, we kindly ask that you read the following materials list prepared by Chuck Palus.  Given that each of you has a different level of familiarity with VLD, and that we have 2 days in which to cover as much as possible for your benefit, we’d like to start with the assumption that we all on same page next week.   We estimate that the reading will take between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete.  

Vertical news at CCL

Dear CCL Vertical Development Community,

Here are some items of interest for you. Please share.

Our recent webinar by Claudette Rowley on Cultural Brilliance was recorded and is here along with her slides and a link to her work. Thank you Claudette!

Bill Torbert with Global Leadership Associates has launched his new podcast and webinar series on The Origins and Reach of Action Inquiry.

  • Torbert’s memoir is titled Numbskull: Born Again and Again and Again, Transforming Self, Communities, and Scientific Inquiry

Third Annual Research Forum on Vertical Leadership Development in London, 18-20 June with our partner Global Leadership Associates. We especially welcome faculty who bring a (paying) client who is engaged in vertical. Let’s talk if you have one.

Prior vertical news is here if you missed it.

Speaking of our mentor and friend Bill Torbert, here are three wonderful, really short and crisp videos on key aspects of action inquiry. Client ready!

  • Why do action logics matter?
  • What is action inquiry?
  • What is timely action?

Follow the inline links for informational flyers and content.

With much love,


Charles J. (Chuck) Palus
Senior Fellow

Introducing two new members of the CCL vertical leadership community

Introducing Allison Conte:
Allison is on-call faculty based in Colorado.
Allison has 10+ years’ experience in applying integral thinking to organizational leadership and culture transformations. She has studied or worked directly with many vertical-development theorists including Ken Wilber, Suzanne Cook-Greuter, Terri O’Fallon, Bob Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Theo Dawson, Zak Stein, and Bill Joiner. She holds certifications in several vertical assessments including the Leadership Maturity Framework, Leadership Agility 360, and the Lectical Assessment. She wrote a 2007 masters thesis on Holacracy and was amongst the first 10 certified Holacracy practitioners. In addition, she holds a mastery certification in Polarity Thinking and is well-versed in the crossover between polarities and vertical development. In 2014, she published an article in the peer-reviewed Journal of Integral Theory and Practice proposing that polarities should be considered a core element of integral theory. Allison’s own body of work, Sophia Leadership, is a blended professional and spiritual development program that includes vertical development, polarities, Jungian Masculine/Feminine archetypes, energy work, and spiritual practices.  

Introducing Paul Hughes:
Paul is Client Solutions Director in the newly formed UK and Ireland Region (part of EMEA).
The best description of me is a ‘pracademic’: I try to combine my practical managerial, consulting and leadership development experience, with my more recent doctoral research experience. It means while I respect the integrity of academic rigour, I can get frustrated when the focus becomes disconnected from real world value and remote. It also means while I value real world experience, I recognize it can sometimes benefit from some critical thinking to get under the skin of what’s really going on. From what I understand of my limited time so far in CCL, being aware of and managing this dilemma makes me a decent fit. Or at least I hope it does!

There are three personal research areas of interest:

  1. Mindsets, which grew out of work I did in 2012 using a model adapted from the work of Torbert and Rooke (2005) to explore how differing mindsets related to differing leadership approaches, as well as how they are developed.
  2. Leadership cultures, arising from beliefs and particularly discretionary leadership practices. This was one of the themes of my doctorate.
  3. How leaders, and their reports, develop ways to balance the dilemmas within increasingly complex and changing organizational ‘ecosystems’, as well as the ways they navigate and influence within them. This too was another theme in my doctorate.  

These interest areas mean I’m keen to get involved in helping us develop our understanding of leadership cultures, growth mindsets, polarities and leading across boundaries. Though being a naturally curious person I can easily be drawn into any other topic I find interesting!    

Vertical development of leadership culture

Here is an excerpt of Part 1 of our forthcoming article in Integral Review on the vertical development of leadership culture. Contact John McGuire and Chuck Palus for the full article and look for it online shortly. /

McGuire, J. M., & C.J. Palus (2018). Vertical development of leadership culture. Integral Review. In press.


This article defines leadership culture and provides a framework for its vertical (aka constructive-developmental, or transclusive) transformation. The idea of leadership culture and its developmental potential has been a key focus of research and practice at the Center for Creative Leadership since the mid-1990s, as CCL began transcending and including its domain of developing individual leaders within an explicitly relational ontology. The Direction, Alignment, and Commitment (DAC) Framework models leadership as a relational process operating at both individual and collective levels, in which beliefs and practices for creating DAC are shown to develop vertically. Collaboration with Bill Torbert and associates has produced a model of leadership culture transformation in parallel with the action logics observed in individual leaders. The second part of this article describes an approach to change leadership via multi-year collaborative inquiries grounded in culture. The Change Learning Cycle integrates three intertwining domains of change: self, cultural beliefs, and systems. Finally, the article outlines the use of a leadership culture tool box for change leadership initiatives designed for engaging, scaling, and democratizing leadership culture development for everybody, everywhere.   Continue reading “Vertical development of leadership culture”

An Exercise in Connecting

This wonderful relational exercise is offered to us by our colleague TZiPi Radonsky. TZiPi is a traveling rabbi-teacher and woman of the world, coach, writer, artist, and our associate at the Center for Creative Leadership.

Connected: An Exercise in Connecting

con·nec·tion / kəˈnekSH(ə)n: A necessary element to living in present times, and an antidote for the digital world

In a time when we are technology dependent for almost everything it is important to acknowledge commonalities, experience safe touch and eye contact, and be present with one another. This brings about a lightness of energy and an openness that fosters learning.

I learned this exercise many years ago in a Fast Company article. I am always surprised and delighted to see people’s response. A necessary element is being willing to be improvisational and planful in preparing and carrying out this exercise. In other words messiness is good. Continue reading “An Exercise in Connecting”

Advancing a Vertical Approach to Change: Research Forum, June 5-7, 2018, London

The Center for Creative Leadership in partnership with Global Leadership Associates

In our second international forum (details here) we focus on the shift from change initiatives based on horizontal designs to ones rooted in vertical, transformative developmental principles. Questions raised include: What transitions in consciousness do we need to foster? How might we manage the interplay between “spotlight” (explicit) and “scaffold” (implicit) vertical designs. How can a constructive-developmental approach be a valuable piece in societal change? What works? How do we know?

Please join us! Contact Richard Izard at Global Leadership Associates,

Download the flyer here. Here’s a summary of the 2017 Forum.

More on vertical leadership development here.

Hosted by the CONNECTED Community at CCL, featuring the big idea of relational leadership. Contact Charles J. (Chuck) Palus at

The Third Act Conference 2017

Check out the great work of and Edward Kelly and Nick Owen in the Third Act Conference.

“The Third Act is a new developmental stage of human evolution.”

In this year’s Third Act Conference (9th November, The Marker Hotel, Dublin) we explore te impact of human longevity, socially, organisationally and personally.

  • For instance, what does it mean for us socially that we are living an extra 25-30 years?
  • How well is society doing so far?
  • What kind of organisational designs can we create that will enable people to contribute, at all ages, in a more flexible and human centered way?
  • Personally, what are you going to do? Where are you going to live? Who are you going to be with it? What sort of demands does this new 25-30 years place on your life?

The Third Act

Vertical Leadership Research Forum, London, June 2017

The Center for Creative Leadership was honored to partner with Global Leadership Associates and Bill Torbert in designing and hosting a Research Forum on vertical leadership development, 27-29 London 2017. Joining us were colleagues from Google, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Third Act, and Penske Trucks.

We focused on practical applications of vertical leadership development and asked each other:

Site of the 2017 Research Forum on Vertical Leadership Development

  • How have you been using and applying ideas and methods based in (or related to) vertical development (aka stage theory) for leadership development? What works best?
  • In particular, how do you use vertical development ideas and methods to develop organizational systems, practices, policies, strategies, and cultures (not just individuals)? What works best?
  • How do you measure progress?

We will report our findings in a technical report to be issued soon. Watch this space.

In the meantime, some of the topics this group is addressing are:

  • Action inquiry in the face of complex challenges in a changing world
  • Leadership cultures & their transformations
  • Architectures for leadership development: Vertical as the scaffold, and the spotlight
  • Executive team coaching
  • The Leadership Culture Map™
  • Effective leadership strategies in a VUCA world
  • The scientific evaluation of vertical development
  • Vertical development for everybody, everywhere
  • Immunity to change & deliberately developmental organizations
  • Development and impact at multiple levels: society, organization, group, individual (SOGI)
  • Life journeys / From Here to There Stories / Story telling
  • How to frame developmental feedback
  • Seven ways of framing power & politics
  • Mindfulness / meditation / holistic and integral practices
  • Systems thinking
  • Dealing with complexity
  • The Global Leadership Profile for assessing vertical development
  • The Transformations™ card decks for exploring life journeys


  • Chuck Palus, palusc(at)
  • Elaine Herdman-Barker, Elaine(at)
  • Richard Izard, richard(at)