Advancing a Vertical Approach to Change: Research Forum, June 5-7, 2018, London

The Center for Creative Leadership in partnership with Global Leadership Associates

In our second international forum (details here) we focus on the shift from change initiatives based on horizontal designs to ones rooted in vertical, transformative developmental principles. Questions raised include: What transitions in consciousness do we need to foster? How might we manage the interplay between “spotlight” (explicit) and “scaffold” (implicit) vertical designs. How can a constructive-developmental approach be a valuable piece in societal change? What works? How do we know?

Please join us! Contact Richard Izard at Global Leadership Associates,

Download the flyer here. Here’s a summary of the 2017 Forum.

More on vertical leadership development here.

Hosted by the CONNECTED Community at CCL, featuring the big idea of relational leadership. Contact Charles J. (Chuck) Palus at

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