The Third Act Conference 2017

Check out the great work of and Edward Kelly and Nick Owen in the Third Act Conference.

“The Third Act is a new developmental stage of human evolution.”

In this year’s Third Act Conference (9th November, The Marker Hotel, Dublin) we explore te impact of human longevity, socially, organisationally and personally.

  • For instance, what does it mean for us socially that we are living an extra 25-30 years?
  • How well is society doing so far?
  • What kind of organisational designs can we create that will enable people to contribute, at all ages, in a more flexible and human centered way?
  • Personally, what are you going to do? Where are you going to live? Who are you going to be with it? What sort of demands does this new 25-30 years place on your life?

The Third Act

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